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Title 【User’s Guide】 Learn more about enterholic!, the Social Bookmarking Community!
Host Enterholic!

Welcome to!


Enterholic! is an unique style of Social Bookmarking Community, where you can manage your own bookmark list, as well as search for the favorite sites which others been shared.

Online activity through enables you to access favorite websites from anywhere, from any devices, with only 1 ID!



What you can do with


Manage your Bookmarking List at enterholic!

Manage your favorite bookmarks at My List. It’s simple, and easy to manage. Just click the [+] icon after login and input information you wish to bookmark at registration form. You may also set priority by switching the Star Icon, change orders by drag & drop, and categorize contents into folders.


Share information at enterholic!

Registration is simple, just paste the page URL which of your favorites, or which you wish to spread to the world.
Registered contents are automatically added to the My List. Access status are shown in graphs and index, so you can periodically check to see the response.


Check out the trends at enterholic!

You can switch the list shown and check out the trends, find out the lucky page by keyword searching, various ways to enjoy, up to how you use it.


Advertise your way at enterholic!

Sponsorship Program enables to expand the chance to grow views at your registered contents page, with Text and Image Banners. All you need is to sign-up for Sponsorship Member, you may manage your ads at login page, as well as easily check your operating ads with original charts and index.

(Ad contents not suitable for enterholic! Terms and Conditions, may be deleted after our review)



Guide on Website registeration

Once you login, proceed to My Page.

Click or tab [+ Add New Site] menu.

[Title] : enter suitable Title for your website. You can later use Mini-Search for your contents.

[URL] : enter the full website address including “http://”. You can also register sub-page.

[Category] : select from the pull-down list. This setting is for sorting to your Folders.

[Share] : shared contents are applied to individual webpage database and others can search for details.

Choose “Private” in case you wish the information to be booked only to your List.

[Tag] : Please set keyword which best explain your website, so that others can easily find.

[Memo] : This is optional. Use this box as your additional reminder. This information is not shared with others.


Information you enter after login are secured by SSL(Secure Socket Layer) Technology, which helps to avoid peeking your List or Profiles from others. You may check this status by enterholic page address, whether it starts with https:// and Lock Image appears according to your browser. We do care for personal privacy.



Below are some tips on what you can do with


Bookmarking (Favorites) List

Once you register the website information, you can simply access those pages from anywhere, from any devices, by clicking or tabbing the Title at your Bookmark List.

In case your stocked list becomes too long to manage, Mini-Search allows you to quickly find contents from your List.

You can also change orders by drag & drop.


Search and Share List

Why not share your favorites, with mine!

Let others know what you think is the hot sites, or search the trends by URL, Tags, or Keywords.

Contents Description Page shows profiles on User’s attributions who have shared and visited this page.

If you find interesting page, you can add to your Bookmark List, or send link by e-mail simply by clicking the upper right Icon.


** Enterholic Index appear on each Contents Description Page are the measures of activity within this Service.



Not an Enterholic Member yet?


Simply, proceed to [Join-in] page and register for your Enterholic Account.



Thank you.


Support Team



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